Best wedding hair accessories

We always get a little saddened when a bride tells us she isn’t considering a wedding hair accessory for her big day. There are so many beautiful hair-pins, feathers, flowers and jewels to adorn your hair with; and while some brides may think that this kind of decoration is somewhat old-fashioned, there are so many gorgeous, softer, modern styles to look at. Here’s a look at some of our absolute favourites, why we love them, and why you should definitely consider them for your wedding day.

Hair Vines:

These have got to be our favourite hair accessory trend at the moment. Hair vines are so versatile, they can be worn in long or short hair, up or down. The wire in the vines ensures that you can incorporate them into any hairstyle imaginable. We think they look extra special seamlessly twisted and scrunched into a chignon or platted up-do.

Hair combs:

More often seen on the Mother of the bride, or bridesmaids these days; the hair comb is an underrated style piece that can look absolutely stunning in a bride’s hair. Hair combs come in all shapes and sizes; from large jewel encrusted pieces, to smaller, more subtle pearl or floral arrangements.

As with the hair vine, the comb is very versatile and can be used in a vast array of hairstyles. They are most commonly used nestled in a bun, or centre back of a half-up-half-down hairstyle. A style we particularly like to see, is placed at the side of the head, sweeping the hair back from the face, creating a more modern style-use for the hair pin.

A lot of combs out there consist of a certain vine element, which makes them more malleable and less obtrusive in the hair; plus, more versatile for different wedding hair styles.

Hair comb

Hair comb from notonthehighstreet.com

Fresh flowers:

Ever increasing in popularity, fresh flowers are an absolutely stunning addition to any bride’s hairstyle. It’s important to involve your florist in your flower decisions if you choose this option- as there are many different flowers you could go for; from large, dramatic Orchids; to smaller, more subtle Gypsophilla – however, not all flowers will be suitable for a full day of wedding revelry. Your florist will also be able to reinforce the stems of the flowers to be placed in your hair, enabling us to pin them in more firmly. Please do listen to your florist when it comes to this option, as the last thing you want is a bunch of wilted flowers on your head half way through your wedding day- that would make for a very sad wedding hair-don’t!

Scatter pins:

Scatter pins are another extremely versatile hair accessory, although mostly used within a beautiful, deconstructed up-do. The pins can come in varying sizes, and can add a subtle glint of light, to darker hair especially. We love the way pins create such an understated nod to embellishment in your wedding hair-do, perfect for a bride who prefers subtle elegance.

Scatter pins

Image source: moncheriebridal on Pinterest

Match your dress:

Many brides like to use discarded parts of their dress incorporated into their hairstyle. It’s such a lovely way to tie in your whole look. Elements like ribbons, bows or lace can be incorporated into hairstyles, so if this sounds like something you’d like to try in your hair, you should talk to your stylist about the best way to make it work.

Lace in hair

Image source: Stylecaster on Pinterest

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