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Well the secret is out!  There are now so many diagrams of facial contouring and mapping at our finger tips on the internet or in magazines.  However, with your diagram in front of you and with brush to face.. it doesn’t quite come out how you envisaged it.

So why aren’t your cheekbones rivalling that of Kim Kardashian’s?  And why does your face look…well, dirty?  Firstly, I would like you to bear in mind that a lot of the celebs that we see in magazines that are utilising the contouing system are wearing ALOT of make up and this amount of make up isn’t actually so easy on the naked eye – these snaps are usually highly retouched as well!

 Contouring can accentuate certain features and play down others and the contouring on your face will be individual to you due to your bone structure.  Everybody has upped their game now and it’s not just your cheekbones that people are accentuating!  With so many contouring products on the highstreet, there is really no reason not to have a go it at yourself.  I will say this now however, contouring is not for everyone and it can dramatically change your face, especially if you’re not used to wearing makeup, so go easy on yourself.  I have often had spouses of my brides find contouring, especially around the nasal area, altered their face too much which they didn’t like. It really is like a non-surgical facelift, and to think you are only working with what you’ve got!

 So, to make things a little easier I have photographed my own transformation from bare faced through contours to a lovely made up glow!

Contouring Technique by London Makeup Artist

The products used in this are 2 different foundations, MAC Studio Fix NC15 which provides a good coverage over the areas I wish to highlight and MAC Face and Body C6 on the areas I wish to shade.  Face and Body is very light, similar coverage to a tinted foundation. By using this to shade I am allowing my own skin and warmth to come through and it means it’s much easier on the eye!

 I have used glo minerals “Gleam” shimmer brick on top of the shading to add a more iridescent finish and Touche Eclat 1.5 on the cheekbones, top of nose, chin and in the crease of nose to mouth to lift it even further.  This is all optional as you’ve already enhanced your features enough through the 2 foundation application, but I always like to give it something a bit extra!

 I have also defined my brows with a little eye shadow applied in tiny strokes with an angled brush, a little blusher from MAC in Melba on the apples of my cheeks, Rimmel Lash Accelerator with Fibers Mascara and a touch of MAC gloss on the lips!

And here is the look in Natural Daylight!


Like most people, I like to save money wherever I can… so I have some good news!  There really is no need to splash out on the latest contouring palette or new foundations.  In your early experimental stages you can most likely have a play around with whatever is in your make up bag!  Bronzers, blushes, concealers, even eyeshadows!

Always happy to answer any questions you may have… or better still, book yourself in for a Makeup Lesson and we can go through it all together and find the best colours and techniques to use that will bring out the very best in you!

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