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bridal popular hairstyles

This year – just like the last year, and the year before – the half-up, half-down look has been a particularly popular choice for brides. Its popularity is down to it being a very feminine and natural looking style. Hairstyles that have more hair up have less gravity and weight pulling them down so what is really important when creating half-up, half-down styles is to make sure that the root lift is locked in so that the hair is given as much body as possible to last the whole day… and night!

One of this years popular bridal hairstyles

One of this years popular bridal hairstyles

What’s the best way of doing this?  A healthy dose of wet set product and good ol’ fashioned rollers. When rolleringthe hair it is important to keep your hair sections no thicker than the actual roller itself.  The roller needs to actually sit on the root of the hair to give it maximum lift.  The hair will need to be dry first but apply a good wet set product all over each section of hair before you roller it.  A favourite of mine is Wella Professional Wet Set, not only because it smells absolutely divine but it does a very good job of locking the styling in from the offset. Take care not to over soak the hair, a light dusting with the spray will be enough and will dry quick enough for when the rollers need to come out.  Heated rollers need to be left in for a minimum of 20 minutes but I try to leave them in as long as possible, quite often hours – It will be the first thing I put in when I arrive at my clients on the morning of their wedding.  No, they are not the most comfortable of things to wear but as the saying goes, ‘no pain, no gain.’

Even if a client wants straighter hair or a very loose wave, I will still use the rollers and straighten the hair afterwards so that I create that root lift and body to see them through the day and prevent any limp-looking locks past the afternoon. Another ever-increasing popular style is styling the hair off to the side.  This can be particularlyfavourable for brides as it gets the hair up and out the way in a tidy fashion but still remains feminine by allowing the hair to loosely hang down.  Most importantly however, the style is great for visual purposes as it can be seen from all angles.

bridal hairstyles haircut look

The ever-popular half-up and half-down look

Often brides want their hair out of their way but they don’t want to miss out on their beautiful hairstyle featuring in their lovely wedding photos. There is a range of variations on a side do, the hair can be pulled into a high or low bun, or the hair can be loosely gathered to create something softer, with a sweeping side fringe incorporated into the style. Believe it or not, for shorter hair, up do’s can actually be a great way of cheating the density of your hair. I often have shorter-haired brides amazed at what I can create at their trial. With some clever curling, back combing and pinning, shoulder length hair can be made to look a lot longer and thicker than it actually is.  Again, I would use heated rollers to give volume to the hair and pin the curls into loops so that they are more three dimensional and create more height and shape. If you have shorter hair and would like your hair to the side then this too is possible with some clever use of hair weft extensions.  When hair is pulled to one side, the side it is pulled from will lose the length and there won’t be much to play with, however, clever placement of a hair weft or two means this is not a problem and a lovely side do can be created with the length that they provide, be it loose hanging curls you are after or a messy side bun. So there you have it, a little insight into how things are done and a little reassurance that whatever style you want, regardless of length, it can be done.

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