Be a Beach Goddess

Holiday season has arrived lots of us are looking forward to jetting off abroad to sun, sea, sand and relaxation!  So as we anticipate this long awaited summer holiday why not take a few steps to enhance your natural beauty and get you bikini ready and looking like a beach goddess! 3 WEEKS TO GO… […]

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Festival Faces

It can be tricky keeping hair and make up intact when being exposed to the elements but here are a few low maintenance ideas to get you on trend for the festival season!  Be sure to pack a nourishing cleanser to clear your skin and give it a breather each day   Make sure you wear […]

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Beauty tips for the Super Mum

So, it’s 9pm, the kids are all asleep and as you drift into the bathroom to have a shower, you catch a reflection of yourself in the mirror…. Wow!  Dark circles under your eyes from the very early morning wake up call, not a scrap of make up left from what you applied this morning […]

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The Hadley Bridal Collection

At the beginning of the year I was asked by the lovely Rebecca Rinder of The Hadley Bridal Collection to provide Hair and Make Up for her Wedding Dress Shoot for her gorgeous bespoke wedding dress collection! The images have been on the website since it launched a few months ago but I personally wanted to […]

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Sunburn remedies

I got a little sunburnt over the weekend…Ok, a lot! This sunburn actually occurred before 10am!  I was working in a field from 6am and didn’t think that the sun would be strong enough at that time in the morning to do that much damage – oh how I was wrong! So, this just goes […]

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Now in partnership with Party Night London!

We are very pleased to announce that Camilla J Collins has officially teamed up with Party Night London to offer Hair and Make Up Services for all their private parties, corporate events and fashion shows. Party Night London organise numerous events ranging from private parties, bars and nightclubs in London, to corporate events and fashion […]

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