Fab Urban Decay Eye Palettes!

Sooo, the lovely team at Urban Decay sent me a selection of FANTASTIC products to try out!  And they certainly do have the ‘WOW’ factor! I am a huge fan of Urban Decay eyeshadows, I use them on myself and about 98% of my brides!  What I love so much is the high pigments, gorgeous […]

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Bridal Hairstyles for Winter

Hi Guys! I hope you are all festively geared up for christmas!  Please see link below to my latest article on hairstyles for Winter brides…   http://www.confetti.co.uk/health-beauty/ask-the-expert-bridal-hairstyles-for-winter/   CJC xxx

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Bridal Hairstyles for the Winter

The winter season is a beautiful time to get married, with the early evenings, twinkly lights everywhere and general happiness and merriment all around!  The winter bride has so many lovely options, with pretty fur shrugs, sparkly accessories and she can get away with bolder make up and hairstyles to match! Image courtesy of Camilla J […]

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Winter Hair Care

Latest article on Winter Hair Care out now! http://www.confetti.co.uk/health-beauty/expert-tips-for-winter-hair-care-by-camilla-j-collins/   CJC x

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Expert Tips for Winter Hair Care

Well if the shorter days and dropping temperatures weren’t enough to let me know winter is here, the condition of my hair is shouting it loud and clear! Brittle, dry and limp hair with split ends are a few of the many unwanted signs that winter is indeed upon us! Fear not however! There are some […]

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Hitched.co.uk Breakthrough Awards

Well October was a massively exciting month, not only was I busy with LOTS of lovely brides, I was inundated with SFX bookings for Halloween which happened to fall over 2 weekends due to the 31st being a Wednesday, needless to say come bonfire night I was EXHAUSTED! But the really exciting news is that […]

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