BB Cream and CC cream – What’s the difference?

Back in 2013 BB and CC creams were flooding the market and became one of the biggest new trends in beauty. They hype has died down a little now but they still are a great product and a great alternative to tinted moisturiser as they contain added benefits. So let’s take a look at what each […]

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Makeup for a Beauty Queen

So today I thought I’d delve into the secrets of Pageant Makeup!  The techniques used in pageant makeup are increasingly being used everyday on Makeup Counters, by Professional Makeup Artists and on countless youtube tutorial videos so here I will share with you a few of the nitty-gritty and crown winning techniques used! * * […]

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Essential Top Beauty Buys

So, I thought I’d share with you a few of my must have beauty buys!  And the good news is… they won’t break the bank! Tresemme Freeze Hold I absolutely LOVE Tresemme hair sprays.  They do a range of different strengths ranging from a light hold to their extra strong one – Freeze Hold!  Freeze […]

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Tender Loving Care for your Hair

I constantly get asked about ways to get hair looking healthy and shiny and get it growing quicker.  I’m afraid there is no magic fix or formula, as much like your skin, your hair needs looking after and nurturing and this takes time. The first step back to healthy locks is prevention. There are probably […]

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Beauty Do’s and Don’ts before the big day

Skincare There are a couple of things you can do in the months running up to your wedding to get your skin looking radiant and kick-start your beauty regime. Firstly, you want to get it and keep it hydrated.  This can be dramatically helped by eliminating as much salt and alcohol from your diet as […]

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Makeup Lesson for the Beginner

If makeup is a completely new thing to you or you are stuck in a makeup rut then let’s get back to basics in a little makeup lesson. Think about your complexion… What look do you want to achieve?  Do you have oily skin and need a matte finish?  Is your skin quite clear and […]

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