About the work that I do…

So I felt randomly bold the other morning and broadcasted my morning face on Instagram to show my “15-minute daily makeup routine” And shortly after doing so, I was left feeling compelled to say a little something about the work I do. As a ‘makeup artist’ by trade, I’ll admit that I’ve got pretty pro […]

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Wedding day fake tan

Wedding day fake tan Back when we were younger, the options for fake-tanning were limited and we all have at least one story about a tanning mishap that we look back on and cringe!   Often, brides would steer well clear of fake tanning in order to avoid streaking or the dreaded tango look on their […]

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The importance of the understatement

We all know the saying ‘less is more’, and when it comes to your wedding day makeup this could not be more true. Sometimes, trying to follow the most recent trend is not the best way forward. On your wedding day, following glam trends could easily lead to some seriously outdated looking, cringe-worthy photo memories […]

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Young Bridesmaid beauty

It’s Wedding Season, yay! After just watching the most adorable little procession of young bridesmaids and page boys at the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle, who could not be swayed into having their own little bridesmaids and page boys!   With young Wedding party members however, it is not always smooth sailing! Toddlers […]

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What’s the deal with HD?

High definition makeup has been on-trend for several years now, but what exactly is HD makeup and how does it work? The main aim of high definition makeup is to reflect more light because of it’s ‘soft-focus’ technology. High definition makeup has a high-grade silicone content which will smooth your uneven skin texture, creating a […]

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Makeup for Mature brides

The beauty of a bride on her wedding day, shines through at any age. When it comes to mature brides; well, you’ve just had a little more time to cultivate that confident, elegant radiance that makes for the most beautiful of brides! Mature women know what they want; they know what makes them look and […]

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