Makeup for Mature brides

mature brides

The beauty of a bride on her wedding day, shines through at any age. When it comes to mature brides; well, you’ve just had a little more time to cultivate that confident, elegant radiance that makes for the most beautiful of brides! Mature women know what they want; they know what makes them look and feel good; and most of all, they are comfortable in their own skin. So, when it comes to makeup on your wedding day, making your skin its most fabulous is our top priority!

Makeup isn’t a one-size-fits all kind of deal. As we get older the skin tends to get drier, and those friendly little wrinkles set in, but with the right techniques and products you can bring out the very best in your skin, just in time for your big day.

Your Base

Hydration is very important, especially as we get older. Often, mature women will use a heavier moisturiser to combat dryness, but it’s important that your face isn’t too greasy underneath your foundation. A hydrating primer under your makeup will help if your skin is very dry. It will also help to fill any smaller creases, and plump up the skin somewhat, as well as filling pores.

We love moisturising foundations for any age skin – Bobbi Brown’s Moisture Rich foundation is a light, hydrating formula, which we use often with clients.  This might not feel like enough coverage for you, in which case, we suggest covering the bits that need that little extra with a heavier foundation or concealer. Be careful not to smother your face in heavy concealer, or put too heavy a base around your eyes, as it may have the effect of highlighting any wrinkles in that area. Your concealer under your eyes should always be lighter.

Your Eyes

Less is always more, and shimmer is not your friend!  Use a light eye primer to keep the eye-shadow pigment in place all day long. Primer will also minimise the chance of creases and cracks forming in the eye-shadow. A powder rather than a cream will also help to minimise any creasing.

Try to avoid using glittery, or over shimmery eyeshadow, as these will accentuate any lines around the eyes. A little light shimmer won’t do any harm however.

If you’re going for a ‘vintage’ eyeliner look, try to avoid heavy khol use under your eyes, as this has the ability to drop down into creases under the eye, making you look tired. We recommend a soft brown line of shadow under the eyes, which will have a much lighter, long-lasting effect.

Avoid cluster or strip lashes, unless they are very natural looking, we always recommend individual lashes for more mature brides.

mature woman eye makeup

Your cheeks

Light contouring of the face can have a lovely, youthful effect, but easy does it, don’t get too heavy with it, as it can easily have the opposite effect. Create a warm, healthy glow, with a dusting of bronzer just below the cheekbones. A light, cream blush, rather than powder can really freshen up your look. This is a great option for lighter skin.

Your Eyebrows

We always opt for contouring eyebrows with a powder and angled brush application, as it is much easier to control the shade, and build up your brows compared to a pencil application. You should be aiming for a lighter look, so try to keep your brows from looking too heavy.

Your Lips

We recommend a gloss lip rather than matte, to help you achieve a more youthful, softer look. As gloss tends to wear out faster than matte, we also recommend using a good lip-liner to keep your shape in-between top-ups.

So there you have it – just a few helpful hints for mature brides that can really help you bring the best out of yourself and your skin and make you feel beautiful on your wedding day. If you’d like to hire us for your big day, please get in touch: Contact




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