Reina’s Wedding At The Dorchester


When I first branched out into wedding hair and makeup, around 8 years ago now, I was travelling far and wide to look after brides and their bridal parties.  I jumped at the chance of any wedding booking that came my way, no matter how far away it was.

I loved travelling to new places and being in new surroundings – they felt like mini breaks each weekend with a fabulous group of girls. And quite often on my way home I’d stop at the local farms on the way back from Oxford, Essex or Cambridge and pick up some local produce to enjoy the following week.

These eggs, sausages or chutney jars served as reminders of where I’d been and the fun I’d had on the wedding mornings while doing this so-called thing of “work.”

As the years have moved on I still do travel outside of London often and I still love my little mini trips but I have many more localised weddings filling up my calendar nowadays.  And this means I am lucky enough to work in some wonderful prestigious venues right on my doorstep here in London.

The Dorchester is one of my favourites, I have attended many events there but it’s far more special to be able to serve my clients there.hair-and-makeup-artist-london

At the beginning of the last year, I had the pleasure of looking after the wedding hair and makeup needs for the wonderful Reina, as well as her mother and sister, in the beautiful suite at The Dorchester.


Reina came to me through recommendation, as most of my clients do now, which is wonderful in itself but it’s also a little bit extra special as there is already a connection there through other people – in this case, 2 sources, a previous bride I had looked after and an event planner.

I was absolutely delighted when Reina walked through my front door for her wedding hair and makeup trial, She is such a gorgeous person, inside and out and we had a lovely time chatting as we played around with hair and makeup styles for her wedding day.


Having gotten to know Reina at the trial, I knew that her family were going to be just as lovely.

I was particularly excited to meet the other fabulous women in her life – her mother and sister.

They did not disappoint.

Needless to say, the 4 of us had a thoroughly enjoyable few hours together while I helped get them looking and feeling the very best version of themselves for the very special day ahead.

bride-dorchester-weddingReina’s beautiful, floral headpiece was actually worn by her mother on her wedding day.  It’s in 3 separate parts so I arranged them side by side to create the beautiful crown that she so deserved to be wearing on her very special day!

Reina, thank you for inviting me and trusting me to look after you on such a special day for you.  Not only that, thank you for allowing me to also look after the most important ladies in your life.

I’m so pleased I was able to be part of it and I love the fact that we are still in contact today.

Wishing you and Andrew the happiest of lives together, forever and always!

And huge hats of to Lugermad Wedding Photographers for capturing these beautiful moments!



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