The importance of the understatement

We all know the saying ‘less is more’, and when it comes to your wedding day makeup this could not be more true.

bridal makeup

Sometimes, trying to follow the most recent trend is not the best way forward. On your wedding day, following glam trends could easily lead to some seriously outdated looking, cringe-worthy photo memories for the future. Trendy, glam makeup is often of its moment, so it is always best to stick with a timeless, natural look for your wedding day makeup. Do you really want to be looking back at photos with your Grandchildren in 50 years time, trying to explain that 2018 style graphic eyeliner?! Just like every girl has those cringy, blue eyeshadow pics from high school – you know the ones!

Regardless of the latest trend on Pinterest, you should always be yourself on your wedding day, as these are memories that will last a lifetime. Think carefully about what makes you you; what you are comfortable with, and then work with that. Discuss with your makeup artist how you can showcase your best features, and which products would be best to do so.


Let’s take your eyes for example.

Most people want to make a feature of their eyes, which is definitely as good thing. However, one common mistake people make is to over-layer their eyeshadow, and use gloopy, dark liquid eyeliners or kohl pencil. A good tip is to steer clear of kohls all together on your wedding day, as it doesn’t wear well, and can end up clumping in the corners of your eyes, or smudging. A nice alternative to consider is a dark brown or grey coloured eyeliner, which will help create a softer look. You can also blend the lining using powder, applied with a sharp-angled brush, which will soften your look further. We love the vintage eyeliner flick, but it takes a certain eye-shape to pull it off properly. If you are one of the fortunate few, go for it. If, like the rest of us you require a subtler alternative, you might be better suited to a crease contour, or more focus on your eyebrow area… always work with your features and what suits you best.


Lets get on to false lashes…

We are of the opinion that sticking heavy, clumpy foreign objects in your eyes for the sake of fashion is not a good idea on your big day, especially if it’s something you haven’t done before. If you are lacking in the lash department, then talk to your stylist about adding individual lashes for your wedding day makeup, as these are far less invasive and create a much more natural, lighter look. Applying a few individual lashes to the outer corners of your eyes, can really open your eyes out.


Moving on to contouring.

It’s very fashionable to contour right now, and there’s nothing better than a well done, subtle contour to bring out your cheekbones. Reinforce the shadows under your cheekbones, but avoid strong chiselling and changing your nose shape… you want the Grand kids to recognise you in your wedding pictures after all!


Lovely lips.

On your wedding day, it is a good idea to add a bit of colour to your lips, especially as pictures have the potential to get overexposed. Dark and bright colours are both harder to manage (think smudging!) and also have the potential to date you faster, as certain colours may only be on trend for the next few years. We always suggest a neutral shade, by which we mean pinky or peachy tones. Avoid nude skin colours, as these could have the same effect on your photos as no colour at all. Always use a lip liner for defining shape and maintaining throughout the day.

applying lip-liner

So now, you hopefully have a better idea of how to achieve your perfect wedding day makeup. It’s always a good idea to speak to your makeup artist about what you want to achieve, and how they think you can enhance your natural features, so you can be your best, most beautiful self on your big day. Check out some of our top wedding hair tips Here

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