Tropic Skincare… Does what it says on the box!

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After receiving a Lancome Hydra Zen Neurocalm face cream as a present from a friend last year, I was shocked at the way my skin reacted. I have fairly sensitive skin but never have I had such a physical irritation to something!  After 3 days of using it, my face physically burned when I put any make up on it or took make up off or really touched it at all!  It got me thinking… what the hell is in this cream?!

 I really began to think about what I am actually putting on my skin.  Our skin is not only exposed to all the elements, but also all the pollution out there too.  So, shouldn’t we be taking every step to ensure that our skin is getting the best treatment to keep it looking healthy and providing it with the vitamins and oils to combat this pollution?

 The answer is yes and I believe most of us are aware of this, however, we have been brainwashed by all the big, shiny brands offering us the “latest technology” of anti ageing, age defying, brightening, tightening, lifting, smoothing (and so on so on) products!  Upon looking into these “ground breaking” products I discovered the horrific truth of the cocktail of chemicals that are actually in them!

 Here, you can find out about the worst offenders of these chemicals!

So… wouldn’t it be an idea to stop trying to temporarily make our skin better, by which in doing so, we are causing greater problems later down the line, and start focusing loving the skin we are in and nurturing back to health and feeling fabulous as we are doing it??

 This is where Tropic Skincare comes in…

Their products are divine and 100% natural!  And unlike so many other skincare brands, they list EVERY ingredient on their packaging so you know exactly what you are getting – which makes for a refreshing change!

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 As a completely unbiased Make Up Artist and Hairstylist, I am not affiliated with any one brand and will select my make up and hair products from different ranges, depending on my client’s requirements.  Some brands do certain products better than others and my kit has a range of these to suit my whole client base.

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Susan Ma, the founder of Tropic Skincare has collaborated with chemists, traditional herbalists and microbiologists to create a range of beautiful products made from 100% pure plant extracts  which are honestly priced and naturally effective on all skin types.

 I have tried most of the skincare range and I can honestly say that I am IN LOVE !

The Body Smooth Polish is amazing and leaves my skin glowing.. all day!

The facial skincare range of cleanser, toner and moisturiser is beautiful and actually a pleasure to use!  I used to find the whole cleanse, tone, mositurise routine a tad tedious but now I actually look forward to it!  The gorgeous natural scents of these products fills my home and it’s a scent to rival that of a Jo Malone counter!

It is with great pleasure that I inform you that I have recently become an Ambassador for Lord Alan Sugar and Susan Ma’s Tropic Skincare!

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I therefore have access to these fantastic products and great package deals which are not on the website!  All my Make Up clients will be getting the Tropic experience with their Bridal Trials or Make Up Lessons and anyone else who wishes to come and see these miracle products for themselves are more than welcome to swing by the studio for a little indulgence free of charge!

Hand on heart, Tropic is Pure. Honest. Effective. ….and AFFORDABLE.  And just for comparison… that Lancome cream I mentioned, bulked up with all those harmful chemicals will set you back £40… Tropic’s beautiful and natural cream is half that amount at £20…AND will last you longer!


CJC xxx

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