Young Bridesmaid beauty

It’s Wedding Season, yay! After just watching the most adorable little procession of young bridesmaids and page boys at the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle, who could not be swayed into having their own little bridesmaids and page boys!


With young Wedding party members however, it is not always smooth sailing! Toddlers can be tricky, especially when it comes to sitting still for hairdos. Equally, tweens and teens can be testing, as they already know everything there is to know about what makeup they should be wearing, right?!

Keeping the Wedding party in order on the morning of your big day is very important, and we would always suggest hiring a professional, to help get things sorted as effectively and stylishly as possible.

If you are however, going it alone… we have a few suggestions that will hopefully guide you on the path to smooth sailing.


Have the discussion:

Tweens and teens may have a very clear idea of what they want, as their own personal style is very important to them at their age. If you want them to feel comfortable and happy on the day it’s important to have a discussion with them beforehand, to ascertain what it that they want. Come to a few tasteful compromises if necessary, to keep the peace.


Keep it natural:

Overdoing the makeup on young ones is never a good look. Keep foundation to a minimum if possible, but a good camouflage product or concealer can be used to cover any spots or blemishes if needed, with a light BB cream as a base. A smoky brown dusting on the eyes is definitely preferable to any dark eyeliner or kohl. Couple this with a soft colour to match their dress, or a spot of lip gloss, and you’ve got a natural, pretty look that won’t look overdone on your young bridesmaids.

sleepy young bridesmaid

Timing is everything:

Although you may want to keep the youngest members of the party out of the way initially, it is always a good idea to have any teenage bridesmaids turn up at least two hours before show-time, just in-case they turn up in something you haven’t anticipated, or they need that extra bit of attention to make them comfortable.

Tot-time is important:

For the little ones, it’s so important that you make them feel valued and special on your wedding day, even if just to ensure that they play ball for the rest of the day. At Camilla J Collins we offer a “shimmer and gloss” treatment which (dependant on age) will include a wash of eyeshadow, highlighter on the cheeks and a spot of colour or gloss on the lips.  This will take under 5 minutes and the kids absolutely love it. It makes sure that they feel a part of your day, and also makes for some pretty cute photos!

curtsying young bridesmaid

So, a few pointers there on how to include your young bridesmaids in your big day, make them feel extra special, and ensure that they look and feel great all day. We hope this has been helpful – you can read more on  WEDDING HAIR AND MAKEUP CONSIDERATIONS here.


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